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10th Annual Hawaii Forum on BioEconomy, Energy and Investment


"Rethinking Strategic Public-Private Partnerships to rapidly achieve a net-zero energy world"


May 2, 2024 :   8:30 AM  - 4:30 PM, State of Hawaii Capitol Auditorium


Hosted by: 


State of Hawaii House of Representative Jackson Sayama

State of Hawaii House of Representative Samuel Satoru Kong

County of Hawaii R&D Director Douglas Adams

Hawaii Annual BioEconomy Forum Founder & Co-Chair Janis Koh


Forum Committee:

City of Honolulu Councilmember Calvin Say

Michael Upshaw, Jong-Bok Lee, Sid Ryoo, Sidney Higa, Douglas McKanna, Katy Chang and Scotty Wong



Featured Speakers and Presentations : 


Lesley Wilhelm, PhD, Action Officer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Navy (DASN)

Research, Development, Test and Engineering (RDT&E), Operational Energy, Pentagon 


Von Fahnestock, PhD, Senior Program Manager, Science & Technology Office, USINDOPACOM.


Wu-Chul Lee, PhD, Science & Technology Scholar, Chief R&D Division,  Soregen/Seagon Group


John J. Arenas, CEO, Philippine Renewable Corporation, PNOC-RC and PNOC, Philippines. 


The 10th Forum also features Innovation and Investment Opportunities by Jeff Brown, Nature Focus Development of New York, Bennett Liu of Stanford University, Dr. Shawn Moss of Oceanic Institute Hawaii, Kyle Stice, Pacific Farmers Association Hawaii, Scotty Wong, Friends of Waimanalo, Hawaii.


We have 17 delegates from Vietnam invited by Dr. Ninh Nguyen, a renowned climate scientist, presenting Vietnam's vision for Hydrogen Economy, 10 delegates from Korea and India will be presented as well.  


The Philippine National Oil Corporation's (PNOC) mandates were undertaken through subsidiaries to sustain economic growth. In 2014, the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) mandated the reorganization of PNOC to an operating company and PNOC Renewables Corporation (PNOC-RC) will be presented at the forum in Hawaii. PNOC continues to exercise oversight and providing financial assistance based on the GCG-approved PNOC Charter Statement and Strategy Map, PNOC’s projects, initiatives and activities are all geared towards the attainment of the vision which is the provision of vital energy infrastructure conducive to a clean environment and a balanced and sustainable growth for the country, and to achieve energy security and stability. 


Soregen/Seaon group provides water treatment infrastructure and material technologies to support military vessel operators and maritime industry along with environmental services like ballast water treatment, sewage treatment to ensure optimal harbor clearance with full regulatory compliance and environmental regulations. Soregen’s technologies help protect the environment with services emphasing Bluewater Technologies, Modular Industrial Water Treatment, PFAS and other Emerging Contaminants Mitigation, Aquaculture, Agricultural and Irrigation Water Treatment. 


CN Holding Group is an international project development and investment company that forms coalitions with governments, industry, civil society groups, investors and international organizations. CN provide technologies, design/build, engineering and funding opportunities as well as humanitarian development for governments and industry partners.  CN is responsible through the formation of public / private partnerships to advance the sustainability agenda for Africa, established the branch office in Korea to support the mission of the Bullion Bank of Africa, UNEP FI African Force, mandated by the UN OIDE-IOED, provides unique strategies to advance sustainablity agenda within the continent and in Asia. 

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